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Our Beginning

Our Founders

Bill and Glenie Sutton, came to Paris in the early 1950s after operating a roller skating rink in Vandalia, Illinois for several years. They purchased the Roxy Roller Rink (see pictures below) which was on the site of the present skate center. Construction began on the new rink in 1955 and was completed about one year later with their "Grand Opening" in September 1956 and has been in operation since.

The old Roxy was considered a "portable" rink as the floor was movable from one location to another if needed. In the new facility, a Northern Rock Maple floor was chosen as it was and still is the most popular floor material. It is considered as "5/4 (five quarter) thick tongue & groove. It is a "floating floor", mounted to nothing sitting atop 2x4 on the flat. Decades ago we experienced a substantial earth quake(large tremor) and skaters in the seating and snack bar area felt it and the skaters on the skate floor didn't know it even occured. It had fold up sides as you can see in the picture, which allowed the sense of skating outdoors. It also allowed spectators to enjoy the view from outside as well.

Our Founders, Bill and Glenie Sutton

The new rink, at the time had a "state of the art" sound system, which consisted of a record player, a 100 watt amplifier, and eight 10 inch monaural speakers(stereo wasn't even thought of yet!) mounted in the ceiling. Organ music was the sound of the era across the country with some rinks playing "live" organ music while others like Bill & Glenie chose to play recorded music(neither one could play a keyboard!) This music continued into the 1970s when Doug, along with his friend Steve convinced Bill that it was again time for a change. This is when "rock & roll" was first heard at Twin Lakes Roller Rink.

Roxy Roller Rink - Note the fold up sides to the right. This building was located on what is now the north side of our parking lot. Front Entrance - The front entrance of the old Roxy Roller Rink, note the new sign above, it's now the home of Twin Lakes Roller Rink.

Now today, things are the same, but are quite different if you know what I mean! Since the rink was built in the 50s, it has gone through a lot of changes over the years to stay in touch with the times and we are constantly trying to update to stay current. The music played today is selected from popular titles(what most want to hear). Since we live in a society of music lyrics that can say just about anything, and since we are a "family entertainment center", we choose to play the clean versions so as not to offend anyone.

Owners Doug & Brit Sutton would like to invite you to join them at the rink and have a "GREAT" time. See ya there!